TOM HOUCK is committed to finding new ideas and strategies for a new day and in a new way. Our approach is to deliver for our clients by utilizing our contacts and our ability to cross party, ethnic, and ideological lines. You’ll find an exciting, dynamic, and effective firm, whose philosophy is to make things happen for our clients. Jump aboard.
TOM HOUCK has an idea whose time has come. In the public policy arena, too often politicians and elected officials pick sides on issues based on party affiliation. Tom Houck believes that important issues like transportation, health care, quality of life, environment, taxes, and economic matters need an approach where Republicans and Democrats can come together for the common good.

TOM HOUCK can help achieve consensus in these often contentious times. We will work full-time for our clients to achieve their goals, bringing together diverse groups to get the job done.

TOM HOUCK is committed to new ideas, new strategies, and new ways of thinking in a constantly changing political environment. Our clients will know they are having an impact and that we will DELIVER.